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People behind the brand RUSSAUX

Father and Son Teamed Up Together to Try Something Completely New

Hey you,

nice to see you here again. As you may already know we’re Peter Ruhso & Jan-Peter Ruhso – father & son. Peter, a fine artist for more than 47 years, and Jan-Peter, a digital specialist, joined forces to create their own joint brand RUSSAUX.

We’ve always been an unbeatable team, which is exactly why we are extending our relationship with our own brand RUSSAUX. Connecting us for eternity ❤ and to enrich everyone else.

We’re living our passion – We paint and process these hand-made paintings digitally and thus create a new art world for your eyes, your walls and your digital devices.

Each strictly limited digital artwork is based on a unique, hand-made painting by Peter, which guarantees an increase in value and differentiation from others.

Our website allows you to acquire digitally processed art, but also physical, traditional art by Peter as well. You have the choice to pick what suits you best.


Ruhso + Ruhso = RUSSAUX
1. Vision Statement

Russaux is the first global art brand

Our unique artworks are meticulously crafted, styled and at the same time authentic, due to every artwork having a great story behind it.

They are more than mere objects; they are the perfect companion for every lifestyle-conscious person who loves life and craves the extraordinary.

Dedicated to the interested cosmopolitan, we want to awaken a passion for art. Together we want to find a way through the urban jungle and go to the end of the world. Because we enjoy life and celebrate each of us!

oesterreichischer kuenstler peter ruhso startseite 930x603 3
2. Mission Statement

We strive to create pictures that are thought-provoking

Our mission is to sweeten the lives of our collectors with our profound paintings. We encourage people to be free, extraordinary and brave. Character traits that define us, even if one of us is a bit older 😉 So enjoy life!

3. Our brand’s aspiration and desire

Our collectors are brave, independent and successful

Our artworks are a unique combination of traditional art and digital design with a special promise: We would like to support your lifestyle with pioneering modern artworks, authentic storytelling and our unique team.


Russaux vs. Ruhso

Traditional Art processed to Digital Art in joint production by Peter & Jan-Peter. The base for every digital artwork is a handmade painting by Peter.

Traditional, contemporary art only made by Peter

About the Artists

Peter Ruhso Portrait 2021
Fine Artist

Peter Ruhso

– 1943 born and raised in Vienna / Austria
– Completed art studies
– Various art teaching activities, including at the famous Vienna Art School
– Tireless artist for 47 years
– More than 35 national & international exhibitions
– Sold artworks to Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France and the USA

Peter @Wikipedia

Jan-Peter Ruhso
Digital Artist

Jan-Peter Ruhso

– 1980 born and raised in Vienna / Austria
– University degree, among others in online media
– First generation of digital children
– Digital creation for 7 years
– First designing steps with Snapback-Caps
– Digital Artist since 2019

I process my father’s existing art digitally and together we are Russaux.

Studio Peter Ruhso / Austria
Studio Peter Ruhso
Studio Peter Ruhso
Studio Peter Ruhso