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An artistic style secret is coming soon in October 2021

Limited Designer Caps 'RSX' by Russaux

For some people, art is only what they can touch, even when they are not allowed to. But art is so much more than pictures hanging on museum walls or the sculptures in gardens of large mansions. The fact that true art cannot be locked up and that its radiant power breaks into ever new forms has been shown countless times in human history. And it is precisely for this reason that we are presenting the first designer cap from Russaux.

Designer Cap by RUSSAUX

Great art touches people, and especially does so in unexpected ways. Russaux lives from this contrast. Works created by hand, transferred to a digital world. Father and Son Explosive colour and bits and bytes. The Russaux designer cap breathes this contrast in its purest form.

Art Fashion Designer Caps

Limited art on the
streets of the cities

It is a work of art and a product at the same time. It combines classic art and modern clothing. These caps, produced in a limited 50-piece worldwide series, stand out among the myriad snapback caps on the street. While the work was created by an artist, the snapback cap itself was crafted by a designer. Colourful explosions stand in stark contrast with stylish black. The Russaux designer cap is so much more than meets the eye. It is the child of a creative mind and, as such, finds its place best on the head of likeminded people. Happy collectors, who recognise the magic of wearing real artwork in any form out on the street, for example, in the form of a baseball cap.

Art Fashion Designer Caps

Is it fashion design
or art? Both!

Designer caps are Russaux’s first steps on the exciting path of the world-famous luxury label, whose fashion draws people all over the world under its spell. Fashion turns people into living showcases and is thus surely the most misunderstood and yet most common, non-verbal way of expressing, depicting and standing out.

The hitherto unrivalled fashion legend Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion is not something that only exists in clothing. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Russaux designer caps live and breathe this spirit. Every single one of the casual men’s caps is so much more than a mere accessory or a piece of eye-catching headgear. It is a promise: the promise that the world offers so much more than meets the eye. That all people can become artists and their own canvas at the same time – if they boldly take the step.

Art Fashion Designer Snapback Cap
Art Fashion Designer Caps

Premium limited edition:
thanks to the latest blockchain technology

The 50-piece worldwide limited edition makes these embroidered caps much more than just hip clothing items. Each cap is registered and authenticated on a blockchain using the latest technology. With your purchase, you not only receive a physical designer collector’s item, but also a digital good that grows in value over time – and in which you are immortalised forever.

The state-of-the-art blockchain structure is forgery-proof and cannot be changed afterwards. Therefore, buyers of one of these special collector’s items are firmly connected to the work. They will be a part of it forever, even if they later sell it, give it away, or bequeath it. Their name remains in the digital DNA of the Cappy. So, each of these special works of art is not just an accessory we carry along. Indeed, happy collectors also become a part of the work that will last forever.

Each owner also receives a verified certificate of authenticity, which distinguishes this premium designer cap as a genuine item: a real Russaux – the fusion of two art worlds.

Art Fashion Designer Snapback Cap
Art Fashion Designer Caps

The digital and the analogue world
combined in one piece of clothing

Modern people are used to being pampered by the digital world with ever new creative outpourings. Like a warm and colourful rain, the works of creative spirits pelt down on us via our screens and Bluetooth speakers. But where everything can be copied and reproduced, it is nearly impossible to spot unique items. Differences make us who we are. Just as a work of art becomes a one-of-a-kind piece with every single, hand-made brushstroke.

Russaux was born from the dream of uniting these worlds and creating something new out of them. The designer cap is a completely new step, a new colour in our palette. We rethink art and let you become a part thereof. Discover the positive power of energetic colours and design that turn an outfit into a whole look and make you an eye-catching icon.

3D Embroidery with Glitch Effect
Art Fashion Designer Caps

Designer snapback cap
in a limited edition

Caps are stylish eye-catchers, whose expressive colours and high-quality motifs make them suitable for women and men alike. The number of pieces is intentionally small so that we can guarantee both the best quality and the greatest possible exclusivity. Caps are limited to 50 pieces worldwide and will not be re-produced once they are sold out. Don’t miss the chance to be one of the lucky collectors who own the world’s first premium designer caps from Russaux, and whose name will forever be immortalised in the blockchain. Allow yourself to be different from the others and carry the art out into the world where it belongs.